Friday 18 January 2019

Add the final chapter to your Disney collection

The Irish Independent's fantastic children's book collection, Disney Literature Classics, finishes this week with book 20 in the series, Duck Quixote.

The Disney Literature Classics Collection is the perfect way to introduce children to the whole world of classic tales in a fun and accessible manner. There are 20 books in the series, covering some of the most exciting and involving stories of all time, from Daisy Duck in the Wonderful World of Oz, to The Important of Being Don-Ernest, and this week's book, Duck Quixote.

Irish Independent readers can collect the Disney Literature Classics from participating outlets for the subsidised price of just €4.99, plus a token found daily on page two of your paper. This allows readers to buy these entertaining books at a hugely discounted price, fully illustrated hardback books that would normally retail for up to €15.

The series contains 20 brilliant books and if you have missed any, don't worry. Simply visit and find your local participating newsagent. Follow the instructions and you can then order the book (with a token and a payment of €4.99) from your local store.

When you collect the whole series together, the spines show a colourful tableau of all the favourite Disney characters.

Duck Quixote is based on the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes. Published in two volumes a decade apart in 1605 and 1615, it remains popular to this day.

In this Disney parody of Don Quixote, set in Hollywood, Donald Duck is struck by a flying shield and thinks he is a modern-day knight. He and his horse, Rocinante meet up with Goofy, ie Sancho Panza, but Goofy rides a bicycle rather than a mule.

This Donald Quixote gets involved in similar adventures to those described by Cervantes, like tilting at windmills he thinks are giants. Goofy, like Sancho Panza, takes more than his fair share of the blows aimed at his master, but he also receives the promise of an island to govern in compensation for his loyalty, just as in the original book.

The colourful illustrations and witty cartoon strips feature all the favourite Disney characters, and the book also includes information on the original tale.

This series is ideal for the home or for the classroom. This book marks the end of our highly popular series. Look out for more great collections in the future.

How It Works

Tokens from the paper may be redeemed in store on the day of purchase or within one week. If you have missed a book in the series, don't worry.

Simply visit our website and find your local participating newsagent. Follow the instructions and you can then order the book (with a token and a payment of €4.99) from your local store.

There has been a large demand for this collection and therefore we would encourage you get to your local participating newsagent early tomorrow to ensure you get the last book for your collection. A list of participating newsagents can be found at


There's a FREE Bonus Book 21 for all of our collectors -- simply keep the letters that you will find on page two every week of the promotion, follow the instructions detailed in the paper and we will send you a copy of Donald Duckzukov in War and Peace absolutely FREE!

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