Friday 19 January 2018

30 years on, Giorgio takes Noreen up the aisle

The unicorn, as we all know, is a creature of myth and legend with a horn on its forehead which has extraordinary powers. Here in Ireland, the Unicorn is a restaurant of myth and legend.

As to the horn with the power? Well, let's just say that, over the decades, it was witness to more secrets than the very corridors of power. By which I mean it was the meeting ground for spin doctors and diplomats and damsels in dresses.

The Unicorn restaurant is still the place to go. Michael Colgan (artistic director of the Gate) was in on New Year's Eve with friends.

Andrea Corr and Brett Desmond were in there on Christmas Eve with a gang of 12 family and friends.

The artists and the luvvies still luv the Unicorn.

As if that wasn't enough good news, Unicorn legend Giorgio Casari tells me that he and his wife Noreen are planning a big summer wedding in Ireland. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Let me explain: Giorgio and Noreen got married 30 years ago in a register office in Milan because it was quick and convenient for work reasons. The couple, who met when they were both working at the Inter-Continental hotel in Frankfurt, travelled from Germany to near Giorgio's hometown in Italy to get married.

And now Giorgio and Noreen, who have three kids, Sara, Rudy and Daniel, are putting the finishing touches to a big church wedding with giant reception with all their friends (Andrea, Brett, Colgan et al) in early summer.

Hopefully at that stage, Giorgio – who has run the world renowned restaurant in Merrion Row for 18 years – will have resolved his problems over the lease in the Unicorn with Jeff Stokes.

Now wouldn't that be as good a wedding present to Giorgio as any?

Talk about the horn with the power.

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