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You've gone viral: Five Irish social media mega hits

Panti Bliss

The legendary drag queen - AKA Rory O'Neill - gave an impassioned speech on homophobia after an Abbey Theatre play last year. Madonna was among the stars to commend him.

Groovy dancing girl

In 2007 actress Sophie Merry filmed herself dancing to Daft Punk, speeded up the footage and became a phenomenon. Her videos have been watched by over nine million people.

Ice guy

RTÉ news footage of an unnamed man slipping on the ice during 2010's cold snap went viral, with countless shares, a Facebook group and several remixes.

Fr Ray Kelly

62-year-old Meath priest Fr Ray Kelly surprised a couple getting married last year by welcoming them with a beautiful version of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah'. An amazing 40 million people have seen the clip of the singing priest.

Ruairí McSorley

The Derry student  recently became a global hit after a TV interview on a freezing morning. Cheerfully foregoing a coat, Ruairí warned that "you wouldn't be long getting frostbit".

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