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Women would choose a clean house over sex





A survey found that Irish women would choose having a clean home over having a romantic night-in with their partner

When given a choice, having a pristine house wins out over sex for 57pc of women.

But it isn't just women who go weak-kneed at the thoughts of a clean house, rather surprisingly, 35pc of men say it would win out over a romantic night-in for them too.

The survey of 1,000 adults by Proctor and Gamble has also turned on its head Cavan people's reputation for being overly frugal. In fact, it is the Dubs who gain the accolade of being the "most value-conscious" county in the Republic.

The P&G survey also revealed that meal times are the most valued moment Irish adults spend with their family, according to 48pc of people.

Family holidays came second (33pc), followed by playtime (13pc). Just three per cent selected when they read a bedtime story.

Those who took part in the survey were asked about value consciousness, and Dublin topped the poll with over 28pc of the vote, with Cavan in second place, followed by Cork, Kerry and Donegal.

Seven out of ten people believed that brands are important when shopping for household items, when it comes to value for money and brand expectations.

The research also revealed that one-third of Irish adults find that the cost per use of a product and household energy savings to be very important when shopping for household items.

The new research was unveiled as Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain launched the P&G Effect campaign which will run in participating stores until December.

The company said that it spends €2bn a year on research and development, and the new campaign aims to highlight the science behind their brands.

The P&G effect reveals the expert science, technology, research and development that go into some of the products that form part of everyday life in Ireland. David Cotter from P&G said that his company has more PhDs than Harvard, Stanford and MIT combined.

While the new study showed nearly 50pc of adults rate meal times as the most-valued moments with family, previous research revealed a third of children routinely eat their evening meal in front of television.

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