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Why we should all stop sending Whatsapp voice notes

Who are these people, these monsters, who think it’s OK to send podcast-length voice notes?


Voice notes are the devil. There, I said it. They are the scourge of WhatsApp, once a perfectly good instant messaging platform, now tainted by the threatening possibility of having to listen to someone who is more of vague acquaintance than a close friend expounding on the ins and outs of whether their flatmate likes them or not, uninterrupted, for nine whole minutes.

I realise that this might be a polarising view, and I would like to take the opportunity to reassure my friends and loved ones that I am glad to know you and be in touch with you, and I do care about what you have to say. But I ask – nay, beg – you: please don’t deliver your thoughts in the form of a voice note.

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