Monday 22 January 2018

What Emma Did

You know Emma Watson right? That lovely young woman who played the part of that nice young girl Hermione in those delightful Harry Potter films? That's the one. Could you imagine any reason at all to threaten Emma Watson? Us either. Still though, Emma's blamelessness, niceness and apparent decency haven't proved enough to stop her becoming the target of those pesky online celeb-baiters.

So what on earth has lovely Emma Watson done to incite EmmaYouAreNext - a website with a countdown threatening to release nude pictures of the young actress? Did she kidnap Twink's dog? No, according to subsequently deleted messages on 4Chan (the website that brought us all those hacked naked celebrities a few weeks ago), "she makes stupid feminist speeches at the UN and now her nudes will be online". How scandalous, Emma is such a nice girl - she's not one of those flesh-baring celebs who actually deserves having their privacy violated. Oh deary me, no.

However, it turns out that EmmaYouAreNext was a deliberate hoax and Emma's modesty will remain intact. Horray! Better yet Emma's campaign #HimForHer to promote gender equality has spawned a deluge of male celebs tweeting #HimForHer. Huzzah! Let's all breathe a huge sigh of relief - Emma's OK, all women are OK.

Let's ignore the fact that while many media outlets reported Emma's speech at the UN, far more chose to comment on what she was wearing and how subtle her make-up was. Huzzah indeed.


Anne Marie Scanlon

Sunday Independent

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