Thursday 26 April 2018

Welcome home... create a good first impression

Often overlooked, the entryway of a home can leave the biggest impression

Picture: Rose and Grey
Picture: Rose and Grey
Doormat by Emily Westbrooks
Stephen Pearce cereal bowl, €20 from Kilkenny Shops
Allested door mat in blue, €7.00 at Ikea
House hook, €9.50 each by Snug at Irish Design Shop

Emily Westbrooks

It's no secret that the entryway is often the biggest dumping ground in the house. Keys, shoes, jackets, umbrellas, gym gear, junk mail, bills, you name it. They all get left on a dingy side table to create a big pile of clutter that doesn't create the warmest welcome when you come home after a long day's work.

The best defence against entryway clutter? Find a storage bench that doubles as a useful seat and a place for shoes, a few hooks for jackets and coats, a dish for post and small essentials, and a cheery door mat to keep mud from getting past the threshold. Those few simple tricks will make organisation instant when you walk through your front door.

Coat Check

With our changeable forecasts, we often need various pieces of outerwear throughout the week. Instead of tossing coats on the back of furniture, give them a home of their own with a set of cute hooks in the entryway. These Irish-made wooden house hooks are the perfect way to add a little personality to function, keeping your jackets and coats organised easily.

Buy it: House hook, €9.50 each by Snug at Irish Design Shop

Mat Factor

To keep the outside from tracking in with your muddy or sandy shoes, tuck a cheerful door mat just inside the door for extra scuffing as you enter the house. This little trick will help protect the rest of your home from the remnants of your latest adventure.

Buy it: Allested door mat in blue, €7 at Ikea

Key Collection

Take preventative measures to corral the bits and pieces you'll need when you head out the door every morning. A beautiful bowl or dish is the perfect place to drop headphones, post or key cards when you walk in the door each evening. You'll save time rushing out the door in the morning because you'll already have your bits in one place. But for safety's sake, car keys should always be kept in another location so as not to tempt an opportunistic intruder.

Buy it: Stephen Pearce cereal bowl, €20 from Kilkenny Shops

Personalised greeting

Here's a simple DIY project that will inject instant personality into your entryway: a personalised doormat. You'll need a blank doormat, a can of bright-coloured spray paint, a sheet of cardboard the size of your mat, a craft knife, and a pencil. Choose a word or symbol you'd like to greet your guests with and sketch it out across the piece of cardboard, making sure it's centred properly. Or you could print out letters and trace them. Next, use the craft knife to cut out the letters, making sure to save the pieces from the inside of letters like a and e. Place those pieces back inside the letters once you've cut them out. Once your letters are cut out, weight the cardboard onto the mat with something heavy and spray slowly and evenly across the mat. Let the paint dry and enjoy your one-of-a-kind doormat!

Sit and Store

One of the key components in an entryway is a bench for putting on and removing shoes. Opt for a bench with room to tidy away shoes below the seat, so you don't trip on those runners when you walk through the door. Get even more bang for your buck with a bench that also has drawers for keeping dog leads, umbrellas and hats.

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