Friday 17 January 2020

Weekender... Paul Flynn's Kerry


Chef Paul Flynn
Chef Paul Flynn

Sarah Caden

When I was in the kitchen at La Stampa, over 20 years ago, back when it was rocking, Paul Gath was one of the managers. He's now the manager at Brook Lane Hotel in Kenmare, where we love to go for a family weekend. He keeps one eye on me and Maire, and one eye on the girls, Ruth (11) and Anna (10). Everyone gets what they want from the weekend.

If we arrive in Kenmare on a Friday, first stop for the girls is the Kenmare Ice Cream Parlour. We love the town - the size of it, and that you can just stroll around it. After dinner, I might break off on my own and meet a friend in Crowley's for a pint. Now that the girls are bigger, that's doable, but it's not a weekend for late nights.

On Saturday, the girls love to do kayaking at the Star Outdoors Adventure Centre. They do half-day courses there, so it's not a huge time commitment out of a weekend. While they're doing that, Maire and I will enjoy the downtime and maybe stroll around town.

Sunday is the perfect day for a walk in Gleninchaquin Park. It's like something out of The Lord of the Rings, and is really well laid-out and signposted. You can take different walks to suit different levels of fitness. It's deep in the sticks and a magical place.

After a long walk, we'd make our way to Helen's Bar on Kilmackillogue Pier in Tuosist. It has benches outside on the pier, and if you get the combination of weather and a pint of Guinness, a bowl of mussels and brown bread, it's bucolic.

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