Sunday 18 August 2019

Weekender: Catherine Fulvio's Vancouver


Catherine Fulvio
Catherine Fulvio

Sarah Caden

Vancouver is a great foodie destination. Arriving on a Friday, I'd make sure to seek out some sushi. Vancouver has over 900 sushi restaurants, but I love Miku, where you can see the chefs in action - a show in itself. It's hugely popular, though, so you might need to book it before you book flights.

On Saturday morning, hit the world's longest uninterrupted waterfront path, the 28km-long Seaside Greenway. Choose from rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles or, better still, a tandem!

After the waterfront, take to the hills for a real taste of Canada. A free shuttle bus from Canada Place takes you 15 minutes out of the city, to the cable car up Grouse Mountain. It's covered in snow in winter, and ideal for snowboarding and skiing. It is also famous for its hiking and ziplining, so there's something for everyone. The highlight for me was the grizzly bears. Safely and happily enclosed, and I stayed on the right side of the fence!

On Sunday, visit Granville Island, home to Granville Island Public Market. This all-week indoor market is a feast for the senses. I recommend taking an Aquabus - little ferries that travel back and forth across the harbour.

The Granville Island Brewing Company is right up my alley. It's Canada's first microbrewery, and the beers are served with delicious food pairings. 

There's so much more to do, but I always like to keep something for a return trip.

Catherine Fulvio's new series, 'Tastes Like Home' is at 7.30, Wednesdays, RTE One

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