Thursday 22 August 2019

'We just do the extreme version' - YouTube couple travelling to every Irish train station in epic adventure

Geoff and Vicki are travelling around Ireland by rail. Photo: All the Stations
Geoff and Vicki are travelling around Ireland by rail. Photo: All the Stations Newsdesk Newsdesk

A British couple who have spent the last two weeks travelling Ireland exclusively by rail are filming their experiences for a documentary.

Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall, who have a YouTube channel “All The Stations”, are visiting all 198 railways stations in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The pair also travelled to every single railway station in the UK in 2017, and for their Irish trip they have been helped by 1,149 backers on Kickstarter.

“There’s been less jeopardy this time round. In Great Britain we were sometimes always running to make connections, trains were always late, there were tight connections,” Geoff explained.

“The network and pattern of service here in Ireland is a little bit more relaxed. There are fewer trains, the connections are easier. There’s been less jeapardy... we haven’t missed any connections, we haven’t missed any trains. We’ve only had one late train.”

In all, Geoff and Vicki have taken 36 trains in Ireland.

Vicki told RTE's Morning Ireland: “The past two weeks have been fantastic. The biggest thing for myself is just the warm welcome that we’ve received from everybody, from staff as well as passengers.”

“Obviously we’re carrying around cameras and it’s obvious that we’re doing something, and they’re saying ‘what are you up to?’. And as soon as you tell them, they’re so keen to have a chat to you or give you tips of where to get the best shot at the local station.”

Geoff says travelling by rail is the ideal way to have an adventure.

“We like to consider ourselves railway adventurers... A railway lets you to have an adventure, look at a map and then go ‘oh I’ve not been there before’ and go there. Meet somewhere new, take a photo, write in your journal, or log or diary about it.”

“Have a day out on the train, you get to relax, have a cup of tea, meet some people on the train and that is what we essentially do, have railway adventures, except that we just do the extreme version by travelling to all the stations as much as possible which is the most fun.”

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