Sunday 20 October 2019

WATCH: Take a peek inside Ireland’s very first 'cat lounge'

A kitten in the Cat Lounge in Dublin.
A kitten in the Cat Lounge in Dublin.
Some of the kittens at Ireland's very first Cat Lounge.
A kitten in the Cat Lounge, Dublin

Geraldine Gittens and Jason Kennedy

Ireland’s first cat lounge is having a very successful opening week in Dublin - and could have the potential to expand nationwide, according to its owner.

The cat lounge, inspired by the famous cat cafes in Japan, is a space where customers can book 90-minute sessions to play with the kittens and "get their feline fix".

Cat lover and business woman Georgina O’Neill says the lounge, equipped with 10 rescue cats and a coffee machine, opened on Tuesday and has been packed with feline fans since.

"My brother came back from Japan three years ago and he had loads of photos of one in Japan. It’s a fantastic idea," she told

"If people had an allergy in the home or people couldn’t have cats in apartments and they wanted to get their feline fix, that’s where the idea came from.

"We’ve five cats in the lounge at the moment and we’ve another five coming next week."

The kittens which were rescued by a local vet are playful and friendly, Georgina says.

"The cats are very social. I’ve only just come in the door and they’re already all on top of me.

"People are booking online and they can come in for an hour and a half. They can spend time with the cats, cuddle them, play with them - you have to work with the cats as well, it’s whatever the cat wants, whatever kind of mood they’re in.

"People come in, they enjoy the company of the cat, they can bring a laptop book, whatever… it’s a place for experience and leisure with the cats."

But she added: "It’s not a café. There will be a coffee machine where people can get some coffee but I won’t be serving coffee."

A session at the lounge will cost €15 per person. If the idea takes off, Georgina says she hopes to expand in Cork, Galway and Gorey.

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