Monday 25 March 2019

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Finn the beagle
Finn the beagle newsdesk

Hello, I'm Finn the beagle and I'll be three soon. I came to Dublin almost two years ago after being rescued on Christmas Eve, and I am the third beagle that my owner, Dave, has had so naturally he thought he knew what he was getting.

Every beagle is different and brings new challenges. People assume my name is Irish, but I'm actually named after a character in Star Wars who is sometimes brave, often cowardly and who is also very good at escaping. It suits me.

When I came to my new home I wanted to do something nice for Dave.

I saw he'd left some money on the kitchen counter, so I tore it up into much smaller pieces so that it would fit into his pocket more easily.

I thought his wife might feel left out, so I did the same with her sunglasses.

They were so happy that they called a dog behaviourist to explain to them all the things they were doing wrong. We're in a better place now.

Beagles get a low score on intelligence tests because you can't train us, but really that's your problem.

We are very happy to negotiate with you if you want us to do stuff that we're not bred for, which is tracking foxes, deer and bears - depending on who you believe.

I don't ask for much, just a spoonful of porridge for my breakfast in the morning and a lot of exercise.

I didn't howl for the first 10 months, but then one day I decided to give it a shot on my way to the park.

I really enjoyed it and found that I had a natural gift, which would be a crime to waste.

It is a great way to let other people know that I've arrived in the park, and no matter how far away they are, they can still hear me. Everybody knows me now.

I live close to Ward River Valley Park in Swords. It is my second home and I share it with foxes, rabbits, otters, hawks and herons.

I hate the herons, creepy dinosaur birds.

The park covers 220 acres, but recently some men with clipboards came and decided that I should be on a lead in 219.5 of those acres.

In order to better protect children (who I love), they have given me an off-lead area right beside the playground.

Honestly, and there are some humans who call beagles stupid!

David Manning, Swords


Name: Finn

Finest hour: The day it took Dave three hours to catch me, even though I was never more than two metres away from him.

Likes: Running, sleeping, singing

Dislikes: Herons

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