Saturday 16 November 2019

VIDEO: Comedienne discovers creepy two way mirror in a club which enables peeping Toms Newsdesk Newsdesk

An American comedienne made a grim discovery in a US club when she happened upon a two way mirror set up in the women’s toilets.

Tamale Rocks was performing in a comedy club when she discovered that a full length mirror set up in the bathroom was actually a means for men to look at women on the toilet without their knowledge.

“Women are often told that we are “paranoid”, that the extra precautions we take are “excessive”.

“We are not. We engage in varying levels of due diligence, because if or more likely when something happens, we are the ones blamed,” said Tamale.

The comedienne then approached the club’s owner who said the two way mirror was a factor that contributed to the club’s atmosphere.

“Upon hearing about this video, the owner communicated that that he sees it as free publicity for his establishment,” she continued.

“He acknowledges that the mirror is there and knows that the door is unlocked. He explained it as being a continuation of the creepy fun-house theme of his establishment.

“It used to feature a monster head that lit up through the two-way mirror, scaring ladies as they used the restroom.”

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