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VIDEO: Bride paralysed in car accident walks down the aisle at her wedding


A US bride left paralysed after a car accident surprised doctors by walking down the aisle to wed her fiancé.

Katie Breland Hughes from Louisiana was told she would never walk again after the accident which severely damaged her spinal cord and left her wheelchair bound.

The former personal trainer featured on US reality show American Muscle which aided her in her dream to walk down the aisle at her wedding.

“I told my sister, ‘I will not get married until I can walk down the aisle and I won’t have it any other way,’” said Katie.

Following the accident Katie had two rods inserted at either side of her spine to hold her vertebrae in place and underwent intensive therapy to fulfil her dream with renowned sports trainer Mike Barwis.

After mastering her first independent steps, Katie then had to try and walk with her wedding dress. “I started off with the walker with my braces without my dress on.

“Then I would start with the dress and then my walker and then the dress with a cane and then the dress with two people walking with me,” she said.

Remembering the moment she saw her fiancé Odie at the top of the alter Katie said: “At first my legs got caught up in one another so that was a challenge. I was nervous the whole way and I was shaking so bad. There’s nothing that can describe this moment.

Husband Odie said it was the best wedding present he could have received.

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“I was just so proud of her. In my mind I’m just encouraging her. I knew she had it. It’s not that I had any faith in myself whatsoever but I put complete confidence in her,” he said.

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