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Twin sisters blessed with angel delight

Twins Lisa and Tahnee Morgan are guided by angels, which has inspired Tahnee's scarves and jewellery business

Twin sisters Lisa and Tahnee Morgan are guided by angels. Photo: Tony Gavin
Twin sisters Lisa and Tahnee Morgan are guided by angels. Photo: Tony Gavin

Andrea Smith

As twins, Lisa and Tahnee Morgan have a hugely intuitive connection, which dates back to when they were young women in Louth. "I'd pick up my phone because I'd just know that Tahnee is going to ring me, or would discover we've bought the same dress," says Lisa. "Tahnee could be away and I'd say, 'I know there's something wrong with her - I can feel it'."

Tahnee and Lisa are charming and great fun and are fizzing with energy and chatter, and they're also very involved in the holistic world. Both are reiki healers and practice meditation and mindfulness and are very much guided by angels. They have one brother, Rick, who lives in the family home outside Drogheda, Queensborough House, and four sisters - Michele, Elaine, Petrina and Karen. Lisa and Tahnee were a surprise because their late parents hadn't realised they were having twins. "Our father Fred was on a flight to Hong Kong at the time," says Lisa. "Our mother Rita drove herself to Our Lady of Lourdes and I was born first on the hospital steps."

Tahnee received her unusual name because their dad fancied actress Raquel Welch, and that was her daughter's name. The sisters were very close growing up, and were inseparable until they were 14 and were put into different classes at school, much to their chagrin. "That was very difficult because we're soulmates," says Tahnee, who, they agree, was the more mischievous of the pair. "We always looked out for one another and I missed Lisa so much."

While Lisa was more studious and academic, Tahnee was arty and creative and had an innate flair for fashion design from an early age. Lisa worked in retail management and HR, and she and Tahnee lived together in Dublin and even dated two brothers at one point. Actually, Lisa was a manager in one store and got Tahnee a job there but her twin wasn't exactly a model employee. "Her timekeeping was brutal, and she'd be late all of the time and I'd be giving out hell to her," Lisa laughs.

Design was in Tahnee's blood really, as their dad had a women's fashion company, Morco Manufacturing, and both of their grandmothers were milliners. After school, she worked in retail, and after a stint as a Virgin air hostess, she got a job in the Adrian Mann jewellery concession in Brown Thomas. She then moved to Marian Gale in Donnybrook, where she specialised in designing millinery, mainly for brides, while studying at the Grafton Academy. She opened her private design studios in Blackrock in 2002, and creates bespoke headpieces for brides and women who love the wow factor, including Georgina Ahern, who wore a headpiece at her wedding to Nicky Byrne.

On the romantic front, Lisa is married to Alan Delany, who was a colleague of her sister Karen. They were literally introduced at her mother's coffin, when he came to pay his respects after she passed away in 2009. They met again at Bellewstown Races the following summer and were married nine months later in 2011 at Gavin Duffy's house. They live in Julianstown now, and Lisa works with Alan in his equestrian business.

Tahnee also married her husband, Shane Grant, nine months after they started dating. They knew each other from an early age, were married in 2003, and have three children, Penny (13), Henry (12) and Scott (10).

There are 10 children between the seven siblings, and while having a family sadly didn't happen for Lisa, Tahnee says that she's a truly amazing aunt. They're delighted that their husbands also get on really well together and have a common interest, as both are in the bloodstock business and are passionate about food. "I admire Lisa's strength, courage, insight and passion for life," says Tahnee. "She is so kind and she would literally do anything for me."

Tahnee and Lisa are constantly in contact, and are very drawn to celestial energies. They are passionate about angels and say that they are guided by them. It's a very spiritual thing, rather than a religious one.

When they were growing up, Tahnee saw their aunt Cis in their bedroom after she had passed away and Lisa saw her aura. Then Tahnee had a near-death experience seven years ago when she developed a blood clot after a tonsils operation. She flatlined and felt herself going to different, beautiful dimensions, and when she recovered, she understood more about life and spirituality. This led to her wanting to spread the message of the seven archangels she believes saved her life, and inspired her stunning new scarves and jewellery business, 7th Heaven.

The cashmere scarves are embroidered with wings and feathers, and the jewellery includes very affordable bracelets, bangles and rings, all of which have spiritual meanings, symbols and colours. Tahnee believes in the archangels' abilities as healers and spiritual guides, and says that when a person wears a particular-coloured bracelet or scarf, the energy of the angel it corresponds to will come into their lives.

Lisa is Tahnee's biggest supporter and helper and she is also a great walking advertisement for the gorgeous scarves and jewellery. Not that it's any hardship as she's a huge believer in her sister and her vision. "I love Tahnee's passion, love and joy," she says. "Aside from that, we have great fun together and could sit and chat for the entire day to one another."

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