Tuesday 23 July 2019

Tubs stands up for mankind

Ryan Tubridy is right. I've not had reason to utter such words before but I do now. Tubridy said on his radio show this week that he'd like it if a woman asked him out. It's about time someone said so. Now Tubridy may not be Ireland's best known feminist but if there's more utterances like this week's to come then he very may well be, well for me and all the other frustrated single men at least.

Betty Friedan wrote the Feminine Mystique over 50 years ago, imploring women to be independent and the equal of men, yet when it comes to dating some women are less Betty Friedan more Betty Draper,and are about as inclined to asking a man on a date as Jeremy Clarkson is to joining Greenpeace and becoming a vegan.

Worse still, when it comes to paying for dinner and drinks, some women seem to have very short arms and very long pockets. And don't even get me started on taxis.

The dating scene can be tough for men, too much is unjustly put on us. Too many 'independent' women want to depend on us. They want us to treat them like it's 2015 but when it comes to dating they want us to pretend like it's 1955. There are cake-eating sex-addicted bisexuals who think that's having it too many ways.

For the sake of equality, it's about time some women grew longer arms and asked us whether we fancied the early bird special. Some roses wouldn't go amiss either.

Christopher Jackson

Sunday Independent

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