Thursday 18 January 2018

True Love: Triona McCarthy's passion for beauty products

Triona McCarthy regularly falls in and out of love with beauty products. Photo: Frank McGrath
Triona McCarthy regularly falls in and out of love with beauty products. Photo: Frank McGrath
Sass & Boho candles
Adriana Lima
Glamoriser Free-Styler Cordless Straightener
Patchouli Coconut Musk Fragrant Hand & Body Cream

Triona McCarthy

From offline lovers to oily skin covers and a teeny, tiny hair straightener, our beauty boffin has it all in her round-up of the best bits.

Triona's trends

Sass & Boho candles

I keep on falling in and out of love with so many beauty products. For ages, I abhorred any kind of make-up setting sprays. I've never been a mister - I could have made a joke there, but I'm still practising adulting, so I didn't! Anyhoo, I always thought the formulas were too icky and sticky, but then I tried Clarins Fix Make-Up Spray, €28. I literally 'set it and forget it' with this hydrating mist containing Vitamin C and aloe vera - Hello Vera! - to plump and brighten my skin.

I'm madly in love with it, and I keep it in the fridge when the weather is warm, so it's hydrating, refreshing and it stops my slap from slipping!

Use it as the final step in your make-up application by holding it at arm's length and spraying a fine mist. It will set your slap, and it also feels really fresh and smells delish.

Candles are another thing I fall in and out of love with. A highly synthetic, scented candle makes me nauseous, and can put me right off using a candle for months. Then I tried these Sass & Boho candles, above, €23, see, and you guessed it, I'm head over heels.

This range of Irish hand-poured scented candles are made using the finest sustainably sourced, eco-friendly soy, palm and vegetable waxes, with no paraffin, while the wicks are 100pc cotton - no nasty lead - for a clean, toxin-free burn.

Sweet Tart, which is what Will says I am, reminds me of my childhood in Schull, picking rhubarb with my neighbour Nora Barry - or Barry, as we called her - whom I adored, and was a big part of my life. The wonderful aroma of ripe plum and cleansing rhubarb instantly transports me back in time, and I love to light it and get friends to reminisce when they smell it.

Triona's trick

We have my uncle, Nelius McCarthy, in Skibbereen in west Cork to thank for this week's trick. His wife Mary, a former pharmacist, probably sold loads of bottles of Milk of Magnesia in her pharmacy over the years, but the trend now is to use it as a primer. It's especially effective on oily skin as it soaks up excess grease and controls shine.

Chemistry class

Will and I are like the last of the offline lovers! Everyone I know is now looking for love online. Nobody meets IRL any more. That's In Real Life, btw. New word alert!

Anyhoo, quite often when these online lovers do meet up after lots of texting - or should that be sexting? - the number-one thing my friends complain about is a lack of chemistry.

Well, Chemistry is the name of one of the new, super-duper Pickup Liners Lip Liner, right, €17, from the Balm. These are twist-up lip pencils that come in the most amazing colours, and they just glide on. They don't smudge and are super pigmented, with an extreme colour pay-off. So much so that I wear Chemistry on its own, filling my lips in completely with it -I'm wearing it in my photo, above.

The texture is gorgeous. I put lip balm over it and then I'm all set to kiss the face off my fella, as chemistry is definitely not something we're short of.

Roll with it

Adriana Lima

The new Roller Blow Bar has the best opening hours - Monday to Wednesday: 7am-7pm; Thursday, Friday: 7am-8pm; and Saturday: 9am to 5.30pm. There's a handy style menu to help you choose your look. You can have a sleek, straight blow-dry called Straighttalker; or maybe you'd prefer The Weekender, a more Adriana Lima look, above. Or try a top knot with Top Of Her Game; or the perfect plait with Braid Back And Cool.

The interior is like something from my Pinterest board. Think Philippe Starck mirrors at each blow-dry station and beautiful art on the walls. Personal iPads for every customer to browse make this the dream sitch.

Roller Blow Bar, 23 Forbes St, Hanover Quay, D2, tel: (01) 459-4922, or see

Triona's most wanted

Patchouli Coconut Musk Fragrant Hand & Body Cream

Shhhh! I want to tell you a secret. I don't mean to brag, OK, maybe it's a little brag - a bragette, if you will - but I've been doing a bit of modelling work for . . . OK, drum roll . . . Victoria's Secret.

Oh yeah, baby! It's, eh, so secret that Victoria doesn't even know about it! Hahahaha!

God, I'm so easily amused. I've been going around saying this to everyone I meet, and the look on some peeps' faces before they realise I'm only joking, as they take in my rather curvaceous figure - which is not curvaceous in a VS way, if you know what I mean.

Let's face it, I'm never going to be a Victoria's Secret Angel, but do you know what Will tells me when I'm feeling fat and generally hating myself? He says, "Not everybody is supposed to be stick thin." That always makes me feel better. Wouldn't it be very boring if we all had the same shape?

Anyhoo, I was in Victoria's Secret in The Loop at Dublin airport recently, and I decided not to buy any of the knickers as I'd need a pair of tweezers to remove them!

So, instead, I decided to buy this Patchouli Coconut Musk Fragrant Hand & Body Cream, above, €27. I love the packaging, and a pump dispenser like this is always very handy. The scent is a floral oriental, and it's no secret how much I love it.

Cult product

Glamoriser Free-Styler Cordless Straightener

I'd been searching, mostly online, for something like this for ages, but I finally found it in my local Boots. This teeny, tiny Glamoriser Free-Styler Cordless Straightener, above, €91.99, is the biz for glamming on the go.

The rechargeable straightener comes with a sparkly bag, so it's perfect for popping into your handbag or glove compartment. A little advice though: don't go on a styling sesh in the loo after a few!

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