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Triona McCarthy's passion for beauty

Beauty pro Triona McCarthy has the insider tips on how to cure a pash rash. Photo: David Conachy
Beauty pro Triona McCarthy has the insider tips on how to cure a pash rash. Photo: David Conachy
Acqua Di Bergamotto by Ermenegildo Zegn
Keep An Eye On Me Palette
M2 Beaute Eyelash Activating Serum
Aimee Connolly's Sculpted palette
Taylor Swift

Triona McCarthy

From lush lashes to colour clashes and pash rashes, our heartfelt beauty pro tells us how to shine on Valentine's Day.

Triona's trends

"You don't have to be born beautiful to be wildly attractive," Diana Vreeland once said, and I couldn't agree more. I recently rewatched Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel - a documentary about the late Harper's Bazaar and Vogue editor -and was once again mesmerised by her confidence, as well as her style.

I love how Diana celebrated quirks and flaws, in both herself and in others, maintaining that what you looked like didn't matter a damn to anyone but you.

However, in today's media-saturated world, everyone basically looks the same! What happened to individuality? Honestly, as soon as someone invents a time machine, I'm going back to when being fat and pale was a sign of nobility!

Diana would have approved of YSL's The Streets and I Collection for its clashing colour and packaging, which was inspired by street art.

The limited-edition I Have A Blush On You face palette, €55, might look a little too Fanta-coloured in the pan, but a light sweep of this on the cheeks is so flattering and youthful. I've even used it as an eyeshadow, building it up to an intense shade.

The Keep An Eye On Me Palette, above, €55, has an unexpected mix of grey, pinks and oranges, for a look that not everyone will find elegant, but as Diana said herself: "The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it."

Triona's trick

Kissing Will when he's a bit, em, Grizzly Adams, can result in 'pash rash', as I call the redness I get on my skin after a little hanky-panky! We have an aloe vera plant, so I break off a leaf and use the gel inside to soothe the beard burn on my face. However, if you have quite the sesh on V-Day, Aquaphor, a healing ointment, is a miracle worker. #kissitbetter

Isn't it eyeronic

Isn't it eyeronic, don't you think, that our eyelashes are supposed to prevent things from getting into our eyes, but whenever I have something in my eye, well, it always turns out to be an actual eyelash!

Which leads me onto M2 Beaute Eyelash Activating Serum, above, €120 from Brown Sugar. I've been trialling it for the last three months. Having seen and heard marvellous things from many of my friends who tried it, including my GBF Wayne, I popped it on, night after night, and eagerly awaited long, luscious lashes.

By day 79, I was ready to give up and honestly thought it was some sort of swizz, when BOOM!, on day 81, as if by magic, my lashes doubled in length and thickness and even looked darker.

The magic ingredient, MDN complex, stimulates the roots of the eyelashes, prolonging the growth phase to create full eyelashes. My top tip with it - patience!


Goal digger

Taylor Swift

If you're a singleton like pop superstar Taylor Swift, above, pay attention! Alentine's Ay is on the way! You know: it's if you aren't getting any 'V' or 'D' on February 14. Ha ha! Listen, we've all been there. Why not forget about relationship goals this month, and concentrate on grooming goals instead? Get yourself into The Salon at the Shelbourne, where they have two great offers available until the end of February.

One is a blow-dry for €20, and the other is the Elemis Speed Spa Power Booster Facial for €49, which is available from Monday to Wednesday from 11am until the salon closing time.

The Salon at The Shelbourne, 27 St Stephen's Green, D2, tel: (01) 663-4690, or see

Triona's most wanted

Acqua Di Bergamotto by Ermenegildo Zegn

So, do it. Decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out. And decide.

I remember when I first met Will, my, eh, White in Shining Armour - his surname is White, remember? Anyhoo, I wasn't in a great place. I was big into sabotaging anything good in my life at the time, so to put him off, I told him he had better watch out, and that if he wanted a slightly alcoholic, slightly psychopathic girlfriend, who ate too much, slept too little and basically put the 'assy' into 'classy', "well then, step aboard, strap in, shut up, and hold on tight. It's gonna be a wild ride," or something stupid like that!

Six wonderful years later and two delightful children, I'm so glad Will decided on me and my nonsense. So this Valentine's, I'm giving him a new bottle of his favourite Acqua Di Bergamotto by Ermenegildo Zegna, above from €50.

This light, fresh, invigorating scent is based on Italian bergamot from designer Zegna's own farm.

There's also rosemary, vetiver, and neroli, all said to "emulate the cooling breeze, lush green fields and blue coastline" of Southern Italy.

Cult product

Aimee Connolly's Sculpted palette

Shine is my favourite colour when it comes to my skin, so I heart Irish MUA Aimee Connolly's Sculpted palette, above, €24.95, as it has a shiny, chic Champagne Cream highlighter, a gorgeously glowy Golden Sheen powder and a beautiful Bronzer for definition. The instructions included, as well as the double-ended brush, €12.95, make application a cinch. See

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