Sunday 22 April 2018

Triona McCarthy: The Heat is on

Hot stuff: Triona McCarthy is fastidious about UV protection. Photo: Frank Mcgrath
Hot stuff: Triona McCarthy is fastidious about UV protection. Photo: Frank Mcgrath
Aesop's Protective Body Lotion
Vita Liberata's new Body Blur
Domestic Goddess: Chrissy Teigen
Paparazzi Compact from the Joan Collins range
Pixi Glow Tonic
Show's Sublime Intensive Repair Treatment Mask

Triona McCarthy

It's the season of beauty. Hot stuff herself, our beauty buff, takes us through everything we need to keep us looking gorgeous this summer

Triona's trends

Aesop's Protective Body Lotion

Summertime and the living is easy! I'm in Schull in west Cork - the Irish Riviera - with my family this week. Maxi is learning how to swim, so we're on the beach at Barleycove a lot, baring our bods, so I thought we'd talk about the best body products for summer.

l am fastidious about UV protection, so Aesop's Protective Body Lotion, above, €35, a lightweight, yet super-moisturising SPF 50 sunscreen, is a must when the sun's out.

The spray-and-go formula absorbs really quickly without any annoying white residue. Packed full of the best body conditioning ingredients, such as vitamin E and avocado, it moisturises and protects. It also has the most wonderful, uplifting aroma, as there's spearmint in it as well.

The other body-care product l cannot live without this summer, is Vita Liberata's new Body Blur, below, €37.50, a kind of foundation for your body. It's a product so genius I wonder why it's never been done before.

I just love it because it literally melts into my skin without leaving a sticky residue, and, as the name suggests, the lightly tinted cream instantly evens out my skintone, and masks any imperfections.

I love using it on the beach - or on shoots or on TV, as it gives me HD-like skin. I also love that it's quick drying, so it doesn't stain my clothes, either.

Vita Liberata's new Body Blur

Triona's trick

I was off on my travels again this week. Instead of popping my products into Ziploc bags to guard against leaking, I used clingfilm. It works a treat.

I even unscrew bottle lids, put clingfilm over the top and then put the cap back on. I think I'm great, but not as great as a friend of mine who uses, em, condoms, to prevent spillages in his, eh, luggage!

You glow gurl

Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic, above, €23.50 from M&S or is the Beyonce of the beauty world.

Just like Bey, it's a hard worker and always delivers results. Simple as that, really, and that's what makes it one of the most talked-about beauty products.

Try this 'exfoliating facial-glow tonic' and trust me, you will see results in no time - can't you see how much I'm glowing in my photo this week?

I've noticed the texture of my skin has improved since using it. I have combination skin, so I've an oily T-zone, yet I'm prone to dry patches. However, this tonic helps both issues - my skin is more balanced, so it's less oily, and my dry patches are reduced. It is suitable for all skin types, though.

It also tones, firms and tightens skin, while removing dead skin, via the 5pc glycolic acid, to reveal the new skin cells underneath.

The only downside? It sells out all the time, so if you see a bottle, grab it.

Seventh heaven

Domestic Goddess: Chrissy Teigen

Maxi, Mini and I often head into Ranelagh to get 'the messages'. While I'm not exactly a Domestic Goddess like Chrissy Teigen, above, I do my best!

We drop the dry cleaning into the Zip Yard, where the kids eat all the sweets in the bowl; we go to Seagreen for 'a look' and Maxi, the pup, helps himself to the lollipops.

Then we cross over to Lidl, and later have tantrums outside Cinnamon, as they always want cakes; before we have a 'little looksie' in Seven Wood, see

Seven Wood is full of vintage furniture and niche beauty products such as Agua de Colonia Natural Sprays, Marvis toothpaste, and Baxter of California skincare. I also love their delicious protein snacks and their yummy coffee.

Triona's most wanted

Paparazzi Compact from the Joan Collins range

"Beauty is not just for the young. I believe with a little care and attention, any woman can look good through her 40s, 50s, 70s and beyond. Looking good and feeling great is the right of every woman, no matter how old she is. Beauty is timeless."

I'm a little obsessed with Joan Collins. I often ask myself: "What would Joan do?" I'm not the only one! Kate Moss calls Joan her 'beauty muse'. Apparently they did a selfie together, and Kate thought Joan looked younger in the pic than she did!

I recently featured Joan's make-up range, available from M&S, on Xpose. The Paparazzi Compact, above, €22, a powder compact with a section for your lipstick, is perfect to pop in your handbag for when you have to face the paps, or, in my world, the postman!

The beautiful and practical compact has powder to combat shine and contains hyaluronic acid to help fill out fine lines.

The Divine Lips lipstick, €24, which you buy separately, comes in a range of colours. Helene, a very Hollywood red, is Joan's favourite. It's a cream lipstick without any shimmer as it works better on women of a certain age. It does have a slight sheen to it and goes quite matte once its applied, but doesn't look dry or caked - as Joan would never approve of either!

Cult product

Show's Sublime Intensive Repair Treatment Mask

The ISPCA called. They want you to take that shaggy dog off your head! Ha ha!

If your hair is fried and dried after some summer loving - sun, chlorine and sea water - repair your locks by trimming your split ends and, once a week, use something like Show's Sublime Intensive Repair Treatment Mask, above, €48, available at Harvey Nichols.It deeply nourishes, improves manageability and body for exquisitely sleek and glossy hair.

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