Saturday 21 April 2018

Triona McCarthy: Arman me!

Hands-on: Triona McCarthy got to hang out with Georgio Armani. Photo: Dave Conachy
Hands-on: Triona McCarthy got to hang out with Georgio Armani. Photo: Dave Conachy
Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart
Gigi Hadid
YSL's new Vinyl Cream Lip Stains
POP, Stella McCartney's new fragrance

Brilliant backstage beauty bulletins brought to you by our roving reporter Triona McCarthy ensures you're always up to speed with your beauty feed!

Triona's trends

Lucky me! Earlier this year, I got to go to Giorgio Armani's Womenswear Fall/Winter 2016 collection in Milan.  It was absolutely mesmerising. Before the models took to the runway, I got to hang out backstage with the living legend himself, Mr Armani. Never before - and I have been hanging out backstage at shows for over 20 years now - have I seen any designer so hands-on; he was even tweaking the models' hair himself.

I also got to see Linda Cantello in action - she's the international make-up artist for Giorgio Armani - as she created a look to fit with the collection.

Linda told me it was a "pretty, rock-star's girlfriend look". Linda actually created the colours there and then by mixing up a range of pigments and textures at the 'Lab Armani Runway,' which is a mobile make-up station. It was just fascinating to watch, and now you can copy the Milan Fashion Week beauty look in the form of a new make-up collection, available exclusively at Brown Thomas Dublin, Cork and Limerick, or see The star product is the Armani Runway FW16 Palette, above, €120, which comes wrapped in a silk pouch, below left, the fabric of which was featured on the runway - FW stands for fall/winter, btw.

The palette has two tiers; the top tier features the silky and luminous universal sheer powder, to mattify the complexion and highlight facial features; while the bottom tier has a trio of eyeshadows.

The Armani Runway FW16 Eye Tint, €45, can be applied beneath the brow arch and in the inner corner of the eye for a heightened effect, while the Armani Runway FW16 Rouge D'Armani, €45, lavender nude lip finishes off the look.

Triona's trick

We need to talk about tongues. Now, now, head outta the gutter, I'm talking oral health, not oral . . . oh, whatevs! Basically, we need to brush our tongues. Night and day. Bacteria can build up, causing bad breath, and a build-up of plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease. Don't bother with a fancy tongue-scraping thingy, use your toothbrush.

Stiff upper lip

YSL's new Vinyl Cream Lip Stains

"It is both a blessing

And a curse

To feel everything

So very deeply."

I often quote David Jones. Mainly when I'm hung-over and have The Fear, and I'm in the doghouse with Will because I came in late from the launch of a lipstick, and woke the kids because I wanted to kiss them!

Something else that I feel and see very deeply - see what I did there - is YSL's new Vinyl Cream Lip Stains, above, €33. A reinvention of the iconic Vernis a Levres, there are 12 shades, with, get this, three times more pigment than previously. They are also shinier, while the new applicator just gives the best finish. There's no need to faff about with a lip pencil. The best bit, I find, is that for such a heavily pigmented look, they feel surprisingly light and comfy to wear.

Even when you're, em, hung-over and trying to pretty yourself up, so you can leave the doghouse.

All the better for kissing and making up with Will! Woof, woof!

Super Sobe

Gigi Hadid

Pam Morrissey, from the wonderful Sobe Brown salon in Cork - she does a regular makeover slot on RTE's Today show - tells me the salon is 10 years old this month.

It is celebrating with a month of random freebies, makeovers and tutorials. Pam told me the salon is totally focused on giving each person "the feeling", through a fantastic consultation where they drop all the "tech talk". Instead, they use imagery on iPads from Pinterest, and pull celeb pics, like this one of Gigi Hadid, above, for inspiration.

Sobe Brown is the flagship Bumble and bumble salon in Ireland, and will also be stocking a brand new range of Sobe Brown own-brand hair accessories.

Sobe Brown, Island House, Morrisons Quay, Cork, tel: (021) 422-2407, or see

Triona's most wanted

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart

What do we think of the Gucci hairy shoes? I bought a pair, and honestly, they're worth buying for the comments alone! Women adore them and men abhor them. Being an old lady now, I'm just delighted that I found a pair of comfy flat shoes that I can walk in, that are somewhat stylish!

Another thing I'm seriously loving since slipping into middle-age madness is powerful, results-driven skincare.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart, above, €70, is now a must in my regime. Five years in the making, this first-of-its-kind skin shield isn't just about sun protection. It's an every-day, all-year-round shield from UV rays, pollution and smoke - all of which age the skin.

Think of it like a skin superhero that catches pollution particles and stops them penetrating into pores.




So basically, when you wash your face after using this, you're washing the pollution away, too!

Pop it on as the last step in your skincare routine. It's tinted, so, for days on the down-low, I wear it on its own a lot. Although, when I wear it under make-up, when I'm feeling all fancy pants and fancy shoes, it acts like a skin corrector, as it evens out my skintone as well.

Cult product

POP, Stella McCartney's new fragrance

If I was a rich girl, I would wear head-to-toe Stella McCartney.

But since I'm neither rich nor a girl, I'll just have to smell like one with POP, Stella's new fragrance, above from €54.

This floral woody fragrance with tomato and violet leaves, green mandarin, sandalwood and musks, smells young and, I don't know, kind of positive, if that makes sense?

As with all of Stella's fabulous creations, I love the bottle and the imagery that goes with it.

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