Saturday 16 December 2017

Barbados: 24 hours on the island of Rihanna

Perfect Day

Enjoy 4x4 tour of the island
Enjoy 4x4 tour of the island
Heavenly: Tuna fish
Enterprise Beach, Barbados
The SoCo Hotel

Nicola Brady

Nicola Brady plots 24 hours in paradise on Barbados.

10am: Island Tour

Get your bearings with a 4x4 tour of the island - you'll tick off some of the best beaches, lookout spots and even a smidgen of rainforest, without tackling the bumpy roads yourself. You might feel a tad morto as Bob Marley blares from the speakers, but the rum punch accompanying the pit stops makes up for it. The best views come from far up in the hills, overlooking the craggy coastline.

How: The Discovery Safari costs $50/€47pp. See

2pm: Hit the beach

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Enterprise Beach, Barbados

Think of Barbados, and images of perfect sands and the dazzling eastern Caribbean Sea quickly come to mind. So it's no surprise that the beaches are stellar. Enterprise Beach (known locally as Miami Beach) is one of the finest you could ask for, with perfectly still waters, powdery sand and shady palm trees in abundance. The nearby village of Oistins is home to an infamous fish barbecue/party every Friday night.

How: The Oistins Fish Fry runs from 7pm on Fridays.

5pm: Sundowner at Champers

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Heavenly: Tuna fish

With daylight starting to dwindle, stroll the boardwalk from the little village of Hastings along to Champers, one of the finest restaurants on Barbados (this is a small island, encompassing just 430sq km). You'll want a table on the terrace to make the most of the killer views over the rocks. The seafood is as good as you could wish for - the yellowfin tuna served with a blend of wasabi, soy and ginger is heavenly.

How: Main dishes from €30. See

8pm: Stay at the SoCo

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The SoCo Hotel

There's a slick, South Beach vibe to The SoCo Hotel - think gleaming white rooms and balconies overlooking the beach, boardwalk and ocean at Hastings. It's billed as a boutique all-inclusive hotel, but the food is fresh, delicate and served à la carte. Think citrusy mahi mahi ceviche, jerk chicken and fluffy pancakes come morning (all included).


Do it

Tropical Sky ( has 7 nights all-inclusive at The SoCo from €1,909pps in June, incl. flights and transfers.

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