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Ireland's best walks Sonya Lennon: 'I love big walks but now my daily walk is ingrained, I have to do it'

TV presenter, stylist and fashion designer Sonya Lennon lives in North Dublin with her teenage twins and partner, David Smith.


Sonya Lennon. Photo: Frank McGrath

Sonya Lennon. Photo: Frank McGrath

Sonya Lennon. Photo: Frank McGrath

Sonya Lennon likes to get out for a long stretch.

"I love a good hike, I love Three Rock and walking the Burren when I'm with my pals down there; I love big walks. But in terms of what walking means to me, it's more of a sort of daily medicine, than an expedition."

Before Covid-19 restrictions came into place, Sonya had already committed to a daily work-out as well as her walk. "The habit is deeply ingrained now, I have to do it. It probably took about five weeks for it to become a compulsion."

Growing up in Malahide, summers as a child were spent at the beach every day, so coastal walks are among her favourites.

"I'm hugely lucky to be living where I can walk to the sea," she says.

"The South Wall is about a kilometre-and-a-half out into the sea. I would normally go with my friend Catherine, she's kind of my walk buddy. We would do that almost every weekend. It's like a fundamental exhale that you know when you've thrown off all the concerns, all the worries, and you feel back to being grounded again.

"There's actually a point where you exhale loudly on the walk, and you go, 'it's ok, I feel better now'. I love it for that, and for the sea, and the sounds, and the smells."

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