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VIDEO: 'Scary and exciting all at the same time' - Huge sharks join kayaker for a paddle on Irish coast

Incredible drone footage captures the moment kayakers were joined by huge basking sharks off the coast of Ireland.

Christine Rosaleen, who took part in the kayak with Ardmore Adventures had her say on the unexpected visitor: "It was scary and exciting all at the same time".

Basking sharks are the second-largest fish in the sea after whale sharks, with adults thought to reach up to 10m in length.

The animals can be spotted off the Irish coast from April to August, and are harmless to humans - the plankton-feeders literally have no teeth.

In recent weeks, spectacular drone footage has shown them swimming in Caliso Bay off Waterford (view here), and coming close to kayakers offshore ( here). 

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Footage courtsey of EXIT8 TV.

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