Sunday 17 December 2017

Undertaker who transported Boeing 767 to Sligo: 'Opening a gigantic funeral home wouldn’t have brought them'

David McGowan and his Boeing in Enniscrone. Pic: Carl Brennan
David McGowan and his Boeing in Enniscrone. Pic: Carl Brennan
Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

The Irish entrepreneur who moved a decommissioned plane to Sligo for his campsite says the quirky project was all about bringing attention to his small town.

David McGowan’s ‘Quirky Glamping Village’ campsite features a 767 plane, a train and a helicopter, and will soon have a set of London cabs. He told last night’s Late Late Show that the project was meant to bring some attention to his town of Enniscrone.

“We’re a bit deprived of attention. And as soon as emigration hit we’re the first ones to be hit; the football clubs are finding it hard to find teams, the businesses there are struggling to survive,” Mr McGowan told Ryan Tubridy last night.

“A lot of young people are flicking on their iPhones and they’re only stopping at the quirky things and the real things. So I needed something quirky and something real.”

He came up with the idea of converting old vehicles of transportation into places to sleep in a quirky campsite. Eventually, he found a decommissioned Russian plane that kick-started the project.

“I rang all the airports around and they thought I was crazy,” he laughed.

Mr McGowan, a funeral director by trade, said that he was trying to get people excited about the town and the area.

When Ryan Tubridy asked what made him go from funeral direction to quirky glamping, he answered: “Well how would I excite people? Bringing a gigantic funeral home wouldn’t bring them!”

The quirky glamping site has already attracted huge interest, with 10,000 people showing up to watch him move the plane.

The campsite will be made to look like an airport, with a taxi rank, bus stop and train station set up as accommodation.

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