Friday 18 January 2019

Two Irish gems make Lonely Planet's list of top secret spots

John Kavanagh's pub in Glasnevin made the list. Photo: Google Streetview
John Kavanagh's pub in Glasnevin made the list. Photo: Google Streetview

Freya Drohan

THANKS to spectacular coastal views and a great pint of Guinness, two hidden gems in Ireland have made it into Lonely Planet’s new ebook of top secret spots across the continent.

From undiscovered Turkish islands to secret coves in Croatia and concealed picnic spots in France; ‘Secret Europe, 50 truly unforgettable experiences to inspire your next trip’ is a list based on expert advice from travel authors, locals, and those in-the-know.

The list for summer 2014 includes John Kavanagh’s pub in Dublin and the Cromane Peninsula in Kerry as must see destinations.

The world’s leading guidebook publisher released the free ebook on their website today, hoping to inspire holiday makers to venture off the beaten path.

With an abundance of pubs, bars and restaurants in Dublin’s fair city, tourists often stick to the established drinking spots in Temple Bar and surrounding areas.

The new guide advocates taking a trip to Glasnevin, a stone’s throw from the city centre, for a “sublime pint of Guinness” in John Kavanagh’s pub.

This “cracking little establishment”, which is also known as the Grave Diggers, is rooted in history, situated next to the old gates of the Glasnevin Cemetery.

Rumour has it that the original owner in the 19th Century left a request that subsequent proprietors never update the decor, resulting in a time-capsule of Irish society and culture.

Stopping for a drink in this lesser-known watering hole is profiled by the guidebook as an “otherworldly experience”.

Since 1973, the Lonely Planet guidebooks have served those with itchy feet in enhancing their trips by unveiling the most authentic experiences in every continent.

The Cromane Peninsula, a five minute detour from the main Ring of Kerry,  is an example of such an “unforgettable experience”.

The guidebook describes the “spectacular water vistas and multi hued sunsets” that visitors can expect and names the local Jack’s Coastguard Restaurant as a well kept secret that justifies the trip.

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