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WATCH: UCC is the 'Hogwarts of Ireland' with this Sorting Ceremony

Sorting hats and Yule balls are the stuff of Hogwarts, but you'll also find them at University College Cork, a new video reveals.

"Our generation grew up with Harry Potter and dreamed of receiving the acceptance letter to Hogwarts," says Kelly Coyle, Chairperson of UCC's Harry Potter Society.

"So as a Society we aim to recreate events that would have taken place had we actually gone to Hogwarts, such as the Sorting Ceremony and our annual Yule Ball."

Filmed by New York Film Academy-trained cinematographer and UCC alum Jason A. Keane, the video features the UCC Harry Potter Society and its popular Sorting Ceremony at the Aula Maxima (the university's own Great Hall).

Nor is it the only thing referencing JK Rowling's famous series.

From UCC's four colleges to its Limestone Quad, spooky stonework and gallery of past presidents, echoes of Hogwarts abound on the Cork campus.

“When I first started in UCC, and I’m sure everyone else has the same experience, I could not deny its similarities to Hogwarts," Coyle continues.

"UCC looks like Hogwarts; people do consider it the Hogwarts of Ireland."

JP Quinn, Head of UCC Visitors' Centre, adds:

"When expanding my school tour programme, the 'Junior Conferring Tour', my love of all things Harry Potter was never far from my mind. In recent years, when I have met groups I have always tried to speak as if we existed within the 'Potterverse'.

The university's Ogham Stones Collection echoes "the mysticism of The Philosopher’s Stone", according to Quinn, while Ben Reilly's steel sculpture 'Burghers', also featured in the video, "could be mistaken for a dangerous group of Dementors".

What do you think? Wizards or Muggles?

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