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WATCH: Murder Hole - Ireland's most mysterious secret beach

Donegal is crammed with dramatic beaches, but the adventure it takes to get to Murder Hole makes it extra special.

No roads will get you here. You have to know what you're looking for, though locals on the Rosguill Peninsula will be happy to point you in the right direction.

First, there's the cross-country walk from Melmore. Then the steep incline down its hills and dunes - the price of admission is a dirty backside.

Do it, and you'll arrive at your own private beach, kitted out with small caves and stunning cliffs. With a picnic in your backpack, there's no need to leave until the tide comes in.

How did it get its grisly name? That just adds to the mystery.

GPS: 55.2386375, -7.8074943

Beach notes: Murder Hole should be accessed at low tide, and is  not safe for swimming. Stay in Downings, in Donegal's Sheephaven Bay. You'll be surrounded by walks, beaches and lively local pubs (govisitdonegal.com).

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NB: Remote beaches carry an element of danger. Visit at your own risk, prepare properly where there are no toilets, shelter or parking, and never swim alone (Murder Hole is unsafe for swimming). GPS co-ordinates are approximate.

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