Monday 22 January 2018

WATCH: ‘Most beautiful take-off I’ve ever seen’ – US passenger posts amazing video of Irish airport

Patrick Bench

Boston businessman Patrick Bench flew from Donegal to Dublin recently, and couldn't believe the beautiful take-off that awaited him.

Patrick ‘had the pleasure of being in Derry and Donegal for business meetings all week’, as part of the North West Development Group Partnership.

His journey home began from Donegal.

‘This was my first time taking the Donegal to Dublin flight. This was the most beautiful landscape take-off I had ever seen’, he told

‘I have just arrived back home to Boston and the video was a big hit here too.'

It isn't the first time Donegal Airport has gotten international recognition. This April, it was voted the world's second-most scenic airport in a poll by private jet booking service, PrivateFly.

Only the Caribbean island of Saba pipped it to the No.1 spot.

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