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WATCH - Explain this: Museum claims paranormal activity caused leaflets to be 'thrown' off shop shelf

This eerie clip of leaflets falling from a bookshelf in a supposedly haunted museum has divided social media users.

CCTV footage from Devon's Torquay Museum shows two staff members left baffled after a pile of leaflets fall to the ground.

When one staff members walks over the pick them up, another pile mysteriously falls off the sturdy shelf.

The pair stare in shock at the mess, before deciding to leave the museum's shop.

"We've had things move around before, but this is the first time we've filmed it," an employee told Independent.ie

The footage was originally posted on the museum's  Facebook page, where they explain some of the other alleged paranormal activity.

"There have been a number of incidents of books and leaflets flying of the shelves in the Museum’s bookshop," the post stated.

"There has been a long list of unexplained activity at Torquay Museum over the past few years."

The clip has attracted a mixed reaction from the museum's followers.

"Superstitious nonsense. This sort of thing should play no part in an institution that should be dedicated to educating and informing," one fan wrote, while another acknowledged that it was "weird".

Another Facebook user hoped that this spooky event may attract more people to the museum.

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