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WATCH: Cave surfer unearths hidden gem in Kerry and it will blow your mind

'What we came upon was nothing short of spectacular.'

Cave surfer Paul Deering from Sligo and a group of friends stumbled upon this majestic sight while surfing in Ballybunion during the week.

'We stopped at a small secluded beach in Kerry and noticed an opening to a small cave. We paddled into it and it opened up into the incredible cavern you can see in the picture', Paul told Independent.ie.

'What we came upon was nothing short of spectacular. To have a cave with a accessible entrance, an opening in the roof to let light in and a beautiful beach at the bottom is extremely rare and another example of the incredible beauty of the west coast of Ireland', he added.

This one is definitely on the bucket list.

NB: Coastal and tidal caves can be extremely dangerous. Caving should never be undertaken without suitable experience or guides.

Instagram: paulbdeering


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