Sunday 21 July 2019

VIDEO: 'Super Blue Moon' captured over Donegal

All eyes are on the sky as large parts of the globe experience a rare 'Super Blue Blood Moon'.

This footage was captured by the Donegal Weather Channel over Donegal sky last night.

Here is all you need to know;

What is a 'Super Blue Blood Moon?'

To properly explain this we need to break it down into three parts.

A 'Super Moon' is simply a moon that is closer to the Earth than normal. As a result, it appears bigger and brighter in the sky. According to NASA this is the third consecutive super moon.

A 'Blue Moon' is also simple and means the second full moon in a calendar month.

They are not quite as rare as the famous phrase suggests, with the next one appearing on March 31 this year.

However, the next one after that is October 2, 2020.

A 'Blood Moon' happens when sunlight passes through the atmosphere above the Earth, casting a dark colour across the surface of the moon.

This happens thanks to a total lunar eclipse across Australia, Asia and parts of the USA.

As is the case with all total lunar eclipses, the Earth will cast a darkened red-tinted shadow across the face of its natural satellite, hence the term "blood moon."

How rare is this?

The last 'Super Blue Blood Moon' happened in 1866, and according to Astronomy Ireland's David Moore it won't happen again until 2037.

Moore called it a "rare day for astronomers".

Will it be visible in Ireland?

Ireland will witness the Super Moon and the Blue Moon tonight but the Blood Moon aspect will not be visible to Irish observers

The moon will be visible in Irish skies from around 5pm this evening and will set just after 8am tomorrow morning.

With long clear spells forecast this evening and tonight, everybody should get a chance to get out and see the Moon looking its best.

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