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VIDEO: Huge sharks filmed swimming with kayakers off Irish coast

A group of kayakers has captured amazing footage of basking sharks feeding off the coast of Ardmore, Co. Waterford.

April to August is basking shark season off the Irish coast, when the North Atlantic's largest fish can be spotted feeding close to shore.

Despite reaching sizes of up to 10m in length, basking sharks are docile animals that are harmless to humans - they literally have no teeth.

Coose encounters are possible, as this footage from Armore Adventures attests, but swimmers should be wary of the animals' powerful tails.

Basking shark were once abundant off the Irish coast, but overfishing has led to their listing by the ICUN as endangered in the Northeast Atlantic.

In recent weeks, spectacular drone footage has shown them swimming in Caliso Bay off Waterford (view here), however, and coming close to kayakers offshore (here).

Some have suggested they could become a new tourist attraction on the Wild Atlantic Way, with a Shark Park even mooted for Donegal.

Ardmore Adventures (ardmoreadventures.ie) offers three-hour sea-kayaking trips from €45 per adult and €35 for kids.

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