Monday 19 February 2018

VIDEO: Four Seasons launches private jet inspired by caviar and champagne…

Boeing bling

Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts will take your Gulfstream and raise it a Boeing 757... with prices to match.

The luxury hospitality brand has launched a private jet offering three-week, globe-trotting itineraries starting from $106,000/€98,600 per person.

Its tours promise to whisk guests between luxury resorts, with one round-the-world trip taking in Costa Rica, Sydney, Mauritius, the Serengeti, Jordan and Lisbon (among other destinations) costing an eye-watering $137,000/€127,500pp.

The Boeing 757-200ER itself is a leap forward in the luxury stakes.

Its interior is retrofitted with 52 lie-flat seats hand-crafted in white leather by specialised aerospace Italian designer, Iacobucci.

Design details include hand-woven woollen carpets, Mongolian cashmere blankets, Bvlgari toiletries, double-sized luggage bins and custom-made leather travel journals by Moleskin.

Inside the Four Seasons jet. Photo: Kirsten Holst
Inside the Four Seasons jet. Photo: Kirsten Holst
The new Four Seasons private jet. Its design is inspired by caviar and champagne.
White leather interiors on the Four Seasons private jet. Photo: Kirsten Holst
The new Four Seasons private jet. Tours start from $106,000/€98,600. Photo: Kirsten Holst

Gets also get an iPad Air 2 to keep.

“When designing our first jet, along with the core objectives of comfort and functionality – and strict aircraft safety standards – we really wanted to create an exceptionally luxurious ambiance, so Champagne and caviar became our inspiration,” according to Dana Kalczak, Four Seasons Vice President, Design.

Early reports have been gushing, one or two quibbles aside.

There is no on board social space or partitions to give individual passengers privacy, for example. Bathrooms are said to be small, with Bloomberg reporting “paper towels instead of cloth”.

The Boeing 757 is the first, fully-branded Four Seasons private jet, though the company has offered private jet experiences with TCS World Travel since 2012.

The jet is finished with a “caviar-inspired” blend of high-gloss black paint “enriched with tiny aubergine flecks that create a gentle pearlescent glow”.

Its tailfin features the largest Four Seasons logo ever rendered.

The journey has been designed to capture the company's “signature aesthetic, style and legendary service” in the sky, according to Four Seasons.

Crew include a Four Seasons Concierge and executive chef, Kerry Sear, who will prepare meals on board using fresh ingredients with the help of a sous chef.

"The only real difference is that occasionally we have to do a little juggling when there's turbulence,” he says.

For more information on Four Seasons Private Jet Experiences, see or check out the #FSJet hashtag on social media.

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