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Travel TV: Is Temple Bar a lost cause, or has it finally found its feet?

Think you know Temple Bar? Join Pól Ó Conghaile, Nick Munier, Ella de Guzman for an alternative take.

When it comes to Dublin, few places divide opinion like Temple Bar.

Does it offer the best of city culture, or the worst of Diddly-aye and drunken Dublin? The answer may be a little more surprising, and complex, than you think.

Watch this week's Travel TV for a look at the bars, shops, restaurants and other secret gems that trump the stags and hens!

Thanks to Visit Dublin (visitdublin.com) and the Temple Bar Company (dublinstemplebar.com) for their help with footage this week – you can check out the hashtags #LoveDublin and #lovetemplebar for more on the neighbourhood.

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