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Travel TV: Game of Drones - a 2,500km adventure on the Wild Atlantic Way

Meet Raymond Fogarty, back from a dramatic aerial adventure on the Wild Atlantic Way. He's got his drone in studio, too...

The footage, filmed with the support of Fáilte Ireland over an epic 2,500km journey last summer, shows off Ireland's west coast to breathtaking effect.

"It was a voyage of discovery, a 2,500km Irish journey on the road and in the sky," Fogarty says. "The longest defined road trip on the planet, and I was going!”

Fogarty, whose company AirCam Ireland provides aerial video and photography, used a drone and a GoPro camera to capture footage ranging from Kinsale to Malin Head.

Fáilte Ireland supported Fogarty's film.

You can find out more about Raymond Fogarty and AirCam Ireland on Facebook here, and plan your journey on the Wild Atlantic Way at wildatlanticway.com.

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