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Clare photographer climbed Cliffs of Moher sea stack and unearthed some hidden gems

Co Clare man Patrick Stritch and a friend took off on an adventure at the Cliffs of Moher and recorded the whole thing.

'The video shows my friend and I climbing a sea stack at the base of the Cliffs of Moher. We were the first ever to climb it', Patrick Stritch told independent.ie.

'The reason I started photography 7 years ago was to capture the magic that I see and am captivated by when I’m in the outdoors.'

'I want to pay tribute to this beauty and will try to reflect what I have seen with my own two eyes through my photography.'

NB: Coastal and tidal caves can be extremely dangerous. Caving and climbing should never be undertaken without suitable experience or guides.

A cave surfer unearthed hidden gem under the Cliffs of Moher, watch below:


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