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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Man climbs 80m frozen Irish waterfall after Storm Emma

The day after Storm Emma left Ireland, Iain Miller climbed this near-vertical cascade in Donegal's Derryveagh Mountains.

The 80m high waterfall was turned into an ice cascade for a brief period during the freezing temperatures, with a near vertical section at about 40m.

"Ice climbing in Donegal is such a rare sport, with 2010 being the last winter that weather stayed cold enough to allow ice to form and build thickness to allow climbing," Iain says.

Miller, who runs climbing and adventure operator Unique Ascent (uniqueascent.ie), has undertaken several of Ireland's most epic climbs in recent years, including a daredevil ascent of Mayo's Dún Briste sea stack - the first in over 25 years.

You can see more places ice has been climbed in his free winter guide to Donegal at uniqueascent.ie/winter_climbing.

NB: Ice climbing, and any other kind of climbing, are extremely dangerous activities that should never be undertaken without suitable expertise, equipment and guides.

Responsible walkers always respect private property.

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