Thursday 14 December 2017

Travel tips: Using your phone overseas

Avoid bill shock with this short and sweet roaming checklist.

Roaming charges are set to be abolished
Roaming charges are set to be abolished

Jessica Kelly

We all love our smartphones. But are you being smart in the way you use yours overseas?

* If you're planning to use your phone while abroad, make sure it's roaming enabled. Some networks require an unlocking process before a SIM card can be used overseas. It's best to call the network before you go and double check.

* Depending on where you are going and how long for, buy a local pay-as-you-go SIM. SIM cards are very cheap and can be topped up on the go, preventing unpleasant phone bills upon your return home.

* Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi: Nothing is worth a huge data roaming bill; leave your Wi-Fi on all the time and avail of free Wi-Fi where possible. If it's absolutely necessary, turn on data roaming until you've read that email or sent that tweet, but be sure to knock it off again.

* Back-up: ensure any smart device you bring with you is fully backed up before you go.

This means if the device is lost, stolen or broken on your travels, your data and photos will be safe. Download Dropbox or Google Drive and follow the steps.

Do it now or regret it later!

First published in INSIDER Magazine, exclusive to Thursday's Irish Independent

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