Tuesday 20 August 2019

Travel Gadgets: Introducing the 'Selfie Stick'

Selfie stick
Selfie stick

Anna Coogan

So your arm's not long enough to nab the perfect selfie? Have no fear. The 'Selfie stick' is here.

The selfie stick is growing in popularity with people keen to get photos of themselves in amazing locations - and with glamorous young things eager to strike a sultry pose in a figure-hugging outfit before a night out.

The average selfie stick is about three feet long, and works by clamping your camera phone into an adjustable phone clip - and with the phone in landscape mode and the screen facing you.

There's a Bluetooth remote built into the handle, and you hit the shutter button once you have set up the photo of your dreams.

However, a persistent problem for selfie-stick users is that the stick shows up in photos - so photograph yourself so you won't see a large stick protruding from your arm.

The cost of a selfie stick, also known as a monopod, ranges from around €15 to €80.

A friendly welcome from Airbnb

If you're someone who likes meeting new people when you travel, then staying in someone else's home and sharing their table and sofa could be just your cup of tea.

Airbnb is a website for people who want to rent out the extra space in their homes, and on a nightly basis, and the space can be either a small box room or a grand master bedroom. The idea is you get to stay in unique places, and accommodation prices tend to be cheaper than either a small hotel or B&B.

Airbnb has over 800,000 listings in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries.

As a guest you'll be staying in someone else's home, so manners and tidiness are always appreciated, as is showing other guests consideration.


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