Saturday 16 December 2017

Sleep at Ikea, thanks to Airbnb Australia

'Modern Elegance', Ikea
'Modern Elegance', Ikea
'Inner City Living', Ikea
Ikea, Tempe, New South Wales
'Rustic Charm', Ikea

Holy Swedish Meatballs! Airbnb has teamed up with Ikea to offer three Australians a sleepover at the iconic store.

You already shop, eat and covet the Scandinavian furniture at Ikea. Now you can sleep there too.

Well, provided you live in - or are travelling very soon to - Australia.

This month, Airbnb teamed up with the homeware giant to offer three contestants the chance to spend a night at its Tempe, New South Wales store on Sunday, August 31st.

Entries - now closed - required contestants to sign up with Airbnb, before describing in 25 words or less why they wanted to flat-pack themselves away for one of three rooms in the Ikea store.

The first room on offer, entitled 'Modern Elegance' (below), is described as "co-ordinated perfectly for the family with kids who like to camp out, and parents who wish they could sleep in," according to its Airbnb listing.

'Modern Elegance', Ikea

Another room, 'Inner City Living', is listed as a "55-sqm two-bedroom apartment that embodies urban efficiency. Bold colours and graphic prints, combined with clean white lines, create a modern take on a classic Scandinavian style."

'Inner City Living', Ikea

If the sleepover goes well, Airbnb may even bring it to an Ikea near you.

"We're keen to see how it's received in Australia and then we'll look at the potential for replicating it elsewhere," says Airbnb Europe spokesperson, Jakob Kerr.

"Ireland would certainly be one of the first places we'd consider."

There is a catch, however... although thankfully it doesn't involve Allen keys.

Customers who enter the competition agree to be part of an event that will be covered by the media. "Oh, and that you will be woken in the morning in a remarkable way," Airbnb says.

"Nothing frightening - we promise!"

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