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Pól Ó Conghaile: Peace of mind and planning make January the ideal time to book a summer holiday


A pier in Cancun, Mexico

A pier in Cancun, Mexico

A pier in Cancun, Mexico

I used to wonder why people booked holidays in January.

 Isn't this the month when festive hangovers are raging? When commuters are feeling blue and bank accounts are as empty as Christmas stockings? Well, yes. But it's also a month ripe with online discounts, low deposits, free child places and other holiday bargains.

Sure, you may get a better deal by booking last-minute. But you also may not. For families in particular, booking early not only saves money, it also ensures you secure the dates, accommodation and destination you want, while leaving several months to pay off the balance and save for your day-to-day spend.

A couple of months back, Lonely Planet tipped Ireland as one of its Top 10 countries to visit this year. Click here for our list. Nicola Brady had the unenviable task of crunching what seemed like a trillion temptations into our Top 10 Destinations for 2015, but she's come up trumps.

New direct flights to Ethiopia, Cornwall and Iceland guided some of our picks, but others have a logic all of their own. Who'd like to see a total solar eclipse on the Faroe Islands this March, for example?

It's easy to be blinded by brochure offers. That's why I've been trawling through the sales and, by clicking here, you can browse my hand-picked selection of some of the best deals available. From Lanzarote to Lake Garda and Cancun to the Camino, you'll find lots to help your holiday decision in the pages ahead.

All of a sudden, January seems full of possibility.

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