Tuesday 23 January 2018

My Travels: Neil Delamare

"I once ate raw shark in Iceland. It tasted of Bjork's tears." In this week's travel Q&A, Neil Delamare reveals what's in his suitcase, and the weirdest food he's ever eaten...

The Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland. Neil Delamare did not eat it.
The Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland. Neil Delamare did not eat it.

Eimear Phelan

'My Travels' is a weekly Q&A in which we ask public and private figures the travel questions that matter... and make us laugh. Let us know what you think, and who we should feature next!

Where have you just been?

I went to Barcelona with some delinquents intent on debauchery and seeing the best footballer in the world ply his trade.

What three things do you never leave home without?

I never go on holidays without my phone loaded up to the gills with podcasts, a good book (preferably a Jo Nesbo) and sunscreen for my most Irish of heads.

What’s your favourite city?

I’m a big fan of Edinburgh. That’s probably due to the fact I usually see it during the Fringe Festival so not only does it possess its usual stunning scenery but it’s possibly the most vibrant city on the planet at that time.

Dressing for the plane: style or comfort?

Well that depends on the length of the journey. If it’s long haul I go for comfort and if it’s short haul I also go for comfort. I am male.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten overseas?

I once ate raw shark in Iceland. It tasted of cold and Bjork’s tears.

What destination exceeded your expectations?

Copenhagen was stunning. I knew I’d enjoy it but maybe it was the weather or the natives or the company but it was brilliant.

What destination didn’t?

Bangkok didn’t. I hasten to add it had nothing to do with the city itself. It was more to do with the fact I couldn't leave my hotel room for an age as my duodenum had decided to empty itself with the violence and unpredictability of a desperate man firing a rocket propelled grenade.

Ever had a holiday romance?

Yes but I’ll go to my grave before I reveal that bean-an-tí’s name.

What three songs would you include on a travel playlist?

Summer Afternoon  by the Kinks, Happy by Pharrell Williams and  Hey Ya by Outkast

What’s your next trip?

I’m heading to London for a gig so I’ll take a couple of days after that to see the city again.

Neil Delamere plays Vicar St this Saturday, August 2nd with his new show ‘Holding Out for a Hero’. The show will be recorded as part of a new four-part series taking a light-hearted look at the lives of some of Ireland’s most famous historical heroes.


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