Tuesday 20 February 2018

My Travels: Mike O'Shea, Irish Polar Explorer and adventurer

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Mike O'Shea, Polar Explorer
Mike O'Shea, Polar Explorer
Mike O'Shea, Polar Explorer

Mike O'Shea

Mike O'Shea has crossed Lake Baikal, climbed Kilimanjaro and oversaw health and safety on Star Wars' Skellig Michael shoot. Here are his travel tales.

Where have you just been?

South Georgia. I did a four-week expedition there sailing and trekking. We sailed over 800 miles and spend two weeks trekking on the island.

What three things do you never leave home without?

1) My video camera - I love sharing my adventures with others. 2) A satellite phone - this is my connection to home when I am away. 3) My iPod!

What’s your favourite city?

Santiago in Chile - amazing sights, sounds and cuisine.

Dressing for the plane: style or comfort?

Comfort - I don't really do style!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten overseas?

Mike O'Shea, Polar Explorer
Mike O'Shea, Polar Explorer

I have had whale and polar bear in Greenland. I wouldn't recommend whale!

What destination exceeded your expectations?

South Georgia. The scenery and amount of wildlife there is unbelievable.

What destination didn’t?

The Trans-Siberian railway! I had this romantic idea about the trip before I went, but it was just a long trip on a poor train.

Ever had a holiday romance?

No: I never have time!

What three songs would you include on a travel playlist?

Catch me if you can by Walking on Cars; If Today was Your Last Day by Nickleback and Someone Else's Hand by The Coronas.

What’s your next trip?

I've been working with Laya Healthcare as an ambassador for their Big Price Freeze offer, which sees them freeze prices across a range of their most popular schemes for up to two years. Irish people can sign up until February 29th, 2016.

To celebrate, Laya ran a competition to join me on a trip of a lifetime for one week in Norway. The lucky winners are joining me ice fishing, on a husky safari and wild camping, and will get to experience a kaleidoscope of colour as the sky is lit up by the celestial ballet of the Northern Lights. I can't wait!

More on the Price Freeze campaign at layahealthcare.ie/pricefreeze.

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