Sunday 25 August 2019

Modern Family editor in 64-tweet rant against 'worst person in the world'

Ryan Case, a TV executive, live-tweeted her experience 'sitting behind the worst person in the world' on a US flight. Read the rant below

Ryan Case tweeted to her 15,000 followers
Ryan Case tweeted to her 15,000 followers

Oliver Duggan

Annoying passengers can ruin even the shortest trips on public transport, but few people would have come close to the experience of a TV executive who was stuck behind the "worst person in the world" on a long-haul flight this week.

Ryan Case, a director and editor on the popular sitcom Modern Family, live-tweeted her ordeal, allowing her 15,000 followers to join in the condemnation of "Nadia", a woman she claims behaved so poorly on a flight from New York to Los Angeles that the police were called.

The 34-year-old began her commentary on the nightmare flight by calling her co-passenger "the worst person in the world". She went on to tweet 64 times to justify the label.

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