Saturday 18 January 2020

Irish men 'hottest nationality on holidays'... and 10 other surprising survey results

Irish men are the hottest nationality on holidays, a new survey suggests.
Irish men are the hottest nationality on holidays, a new survey suggests.
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

Take a bow, people. Surveys suggest the Irish are the sexiest, laziest and most indulgent holidaymakers on earth!

'Tis the season for holiday surveys. We’ve trawled through the best (and worst) to see what they reveal about the Irish holidaymaker. Rather a lot, as it turns out…

1. Irish men are sexy...

Nice work, gents! According to a Sex and Travel survey by HostelBookers, 78pc of women find Irish men the 'hottest nationality' on holidays, pipping Australian, British, Canadian and even Italians in their Speedos to the post. Sadly, the charms of Irish ladies were underappreciated… surveyed men preferred Russian, Polish and Brazilian women. Their loss.


2. Wi-Fi is like, really important…

A hotel guest survey by Bitbuzz found 70pc of Irish people would forgo a kettle in their room, and 20% would skip breakfast, in exchange for reliable Wi-Fi. The kettle! Breakfast!

3. We care about how we look…

79pc of Irish holidaymakers have felt self-conscious wearing swimwear, with three fifths (60pc) feeling pressure to have a ‘beach body’, according to a survey by A quarter of Irish people try to lose weight before holidays, the survey found, with almost half making an extra effort at the gym, and 65pc watching what they eat before they jet off.

Irish WWE wrestling star Sheamus meeting fans in Dublin today.

4. We are lazy. Super-lazy

Sadly, all of that pre-holiday preening doesn't change our ranking as one of the laziest nationalities in the world on hols, preferring eating and napping to intimacy or partying. Expedia’s Flip Flop Report found Irish holidaymakers to be among the 10 laziest on earth, with most of us avoiding watersports and only 19pc making the effort to party. Oh, and 41pc of us take naps during the day.

5. We’re likely to over-indulge…

The post-holiday slump. Gah!

Not just that. In fact, we are the most likely nation to over-eat on holidays - according to Expedia. 53pc of us binge eat on holidays, compared to a global average of 41pc. Over half (53pc) of us overdo it on the booze.

6. We put on weight on holidays…

There's a tinge of inevitability to this one. World-class laziness comes with a price, after all - and that price is an average weight gain of one to five pounds per holiday, according to Perhaps that’s because, after all our hard work leading up to holidays, only 14pc of us visit the gym overseas. When the holiday is over, 27% say they find it difficult to shed the holiday weight.

7. We would sacrifice our health for a sun holiday…


As well as sacrificing our health on holidays, we are prepared to sacrifice it to go on holidays - with one in four (26pc) saying we would work weekends for a month in order to take a break. Expedia's Flip Flop Report also found that 23pc of us would give up our daily tea or coffee for a month, and 11pc of us would suffer the flu for 48 hours in exchange for some time in the sun.

8. We miss a good old cup of tea…

A comfy bed and a good cup of tea are amongst the things we miss most when abroad, according to a survey by One in five of us say we missed a cup of tea most on holiday, the survey found, while as much as a third (32pc) of the Irish nation miss their bed more than they miss their friends and family while overseas.

9. Kids prefer Loom Bands to iPads...

Here's one for the books. An experiment conducted by British Airways Holidays this month found that Play-Doh and Loom Bands kept children occupied for longer than iPads. Flying with kids is tough work at the best of time (86pc of parents struggle to keep kids occupied on plane journeys, the airline found), but the experiment, led by Professor Robert Winston, suggests creativity is king.

10. We're most likely to be robbed in Spain...

A recent poll by AA Travel Insurance detailed the habits of thieves abroad, with a third of Irish people robbed on holiday saying it happened in Spain. Bear in mind though, that Spain is the number one choice for Irish people travelling to take in the sun abroad, with over 1.3 million Irish visits to the country each year, so the figures are bound to skew that way.

11. 48pc of us have broken up over travel

Whether it's due to sexiness, laziness or Loom Bands, 48pc of holidaymakers have broken up over travel, according to HostelBookers' ‘Sex & travel’ survey. 17pc of those break-ups happened on hols, with the rest happening before or after. More encouragingly, however, one in five travel flings turn into relationships.

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