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Ireland's funniest signs

We asked. You delivered.

"Confused by this one!" says Celia Nydahl, who snapped this sign on Achill Island. "If you have big feet there will be trouble..."
"This was taken in County Waterford last summer," says reader Jessica Fennelly, who submitted her photo to "For the record, they weren't wrong about the road!"
'That road deteriorated...' says Louisa Griffin via Facebook (
"Clearly the recession hadn’t reached Ballaghaderreen," writes reader Niamh Nestor. She spotted this ad for a local cafe on a road coming into the Roscommon town. Sadly, the Café has since closed down!
Robin Kiely submitted this sign from a shop window in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.
'This gave us a laugh,' tweeted Sheila Deegan of Limerick City Council (@limerick2020). 'Seen on George's Quay. Random act of signage!'
How fast can you cross a field? This work of genius was spotted by John Williams in the Kingdom of Kerry. Nice work!
"No overtaking," writes reader Shane Dunlea, who snapped this classic in West Cork. "Where else?"
Union Hall, Co. Cork. Seriously! Submitted to travel @ by Darren Burke. Thanks Darren!
Are you a complex customer? Taken at Camlough, near Newry, Co. Down by Shirley Cullen.
Aoife Nugent sent this cracker from An Rinn in Co. Waterford... 'Is it somewhere in-between the two?' she asks.
Fionnuala Brady snapped this beauty at Mount Jerome Cemetery in Dublin. Be warned!
'This one has been there for years!' So says Brendan O'Hare, who snapped the sign at Lough Gill.
Trisha Ruane send us this wee masterpiece on Facebook. Got any funny signs of your own to share?
"I took this photo in August at Glendalough when we were camping in Wicklow," says reader Marrion Clarke.
Spotted on a pedestrian walkway at The Helix in Dublin by Twitter user, Tawnylust Lodge (@TawnylustLodge)
'Seen in JFK Arboretum', tweeted Southern Twit (@Irishman1302). Has the Wexford attraction gone barking mad?
Denise McBrien snapped this sign on George's Street, Dublin. 'Not sure what this sign expects me to do today,' she said. 'Any ideas?'
"This is a sign I spotted in 2013 outside a church in the Bishopstown-Wilton area of Cork City," says reader Rosarie Ní Choitir. "I thought it was hilarious!"
Kevin Woods, Leprechaun Whisperer, sent this photo to The sign is part of a series in Carlingford... see for more!
"As seen in Derry a couple of years ago," says reader Paul McLoughlin. "I have no idea why." Submit your photos to or Independent Travel on Facebook!
Sign from the window of Michael Quirke's shop in Sligo. Photo by Val Robus (@magnumlady on Twitter)
"My Mam's nursing home has this sign, which is too cute," says Lynn Ridgeway. Lynn sent us her sign via Independent Travel on Facebook.
"My favourite from Kilkenny!" says Jo Turner. "Can't walk by it without smiling and singing a line or two in my head."
"Lots of strange people in the Wicklow hills," writes reader Thomas Finney, who snapped and shared this sign.
"This one is on The Great Western Greenway near Westport, Co. Mayo" says reader Anthony McCabe. "It stars Adam and Ella from Drogheda... confused about the way home."
Road? What road? This photo of Ireland's north coast was taken by Matthew Woodhouse, who tweets from the aptly named @Curious_Places.
St. Thomas's Church, in the Church of Ireland parish of Booterstown and Mount Merrion, Dublin. The church has been amusing (and bemusing) passers-by for years with its witty signs.
At least they're honest! Another classic submitted by eagle-eyed reader, Niamh Nestor, to This one was spotted in Portobello, Dublin.
Submitted to Independent Travel on Facebook by Aaron Daly.
"Made me roar laughing," says reader Niamh Nestor, who snapped this sign in Belleek Woods, Ballina, Co. Mayo.
Road sign in Cavan. No further explanation necessary. Submitted to by reader Una Davy.
Achill Island, Co. Mayo. Desmond Beglin spotted this little treasure in June of this year. Got any signs of your own to share? Email!
You can go the short way, or the other way. An Irish classic. Submitted to by reader Steve Symes.
'Halfway to Halfway', spotted by Darren Burke.
Just leave them alone! This sign was spotted by reader Terry O'Connor at Terryglass, on Lough Derg.
This one is turning into an Irish classic. We wonder is the same person responsible? Submitted by reader, Roy Douglas.
"Sign in a real men's bathroom," says Alex McDonnell. "Some tough guys working there!"
Niamh Ní Bhaoill (@NiamhNiB) sent us this classic combo on Twitter (@indo_travel_). The first sign was spotted in West Kerry. The second was spotted in West Kerry, two weeks later.
"Like the buses," says reader Michael Barrett. "Make sure you have the correct amount - no change given!"
Is this a speed limit, or a challenge? The sign is "one of many similar in Donegal," says reader Brian O'Donnell. "This one is near Loch-an-Iuir, between Dungloe & Gweedore."
You can never underestimate a flood. Spotted in Sneem, Co. Kerry, and submitted by reader Shirley Cullen to Thanks Shirley!
"Attached is a photo of a strange sign," writes reader, Mairead Ní Chathasaigh. We wholeheartedly agree!
"A strategically placed divert sign?" asks reader Niamh Nestor. "Divert straight into a vat of Guinness perhaps?" This sign was snapped on Dublin's Eden Quay.
"Honesty is the best policy," says Derek McGreevy, who spotted this sign in Clonakilty, Co. Cork.
Barnacles Hostel in Dublin does a mean line in signs... this is one of our faves, for brevity and wit!
"Took this last summer," says Peggy Williams, who emailed this photo to It was taken in Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim. "I still get a chuckle when I see it!"
"Anyone notice the muffin top?" asks reader Niamh Nestor. "Second red-clad lady from the left." Taken in 2011 at Knock.
The road to Carrowkeel tomb, Co. Sligo. 'It speaks for itself,' says reader A. Mary Murphy.
A creative little addition to a sign in Connemara... don't try this at home, folks! Submitted by reader, Anne Baum.
Aw, why did they white out the best bit? Spotted by reader Amy Spelman in a church car park in Nenagh.
"Seen in the window of a dental technician's shop in Limerick," writes reader, Karen Dunn. Yikes!
Vandalism of the health-conscious variety. Submitted by reader Terry O'Connor to
"Saw this in Borris," says reader Alan Bellamy. "Wine with breakfast?"
Yes, the cat is dead. A poignant (or surreal?) sign, submitted by reader Robert Duffy, who spotted it in Ranelagh.
Ah, stop yourself! Spotted by reader Laura Cahill in Tipperary, and emailed to
We think this horse could get a job as a bouncer. Submitted by reader Paula Morrin to travel Thanks, Paula!
We don't think you need to hear this twice. Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford
Well, what is it then? Spotted by reader Laura Cahill and emailed to
@DublinByMouth posted this crispy treat on Twitter.
Cong, Co. Mayo. "The Duck pond is in the centre of the village and the ducks cross the busy road to get to it," says Robert Devereaux. "The floating duck house is provided for them by the Cong Village Tidy Towns committee."
Have food, will travel. Spotted in Dublin.
Somehow, we think the author of this sign is not a dog lover. Submitted by reader, Brian Fahy.
Yes, this is real. Carlingford, Co. Louth
India has its sacred cows. So does Mullaghmore.
Waterville café Peter’s Place displayed an controversial sign that banned tourists and bus tours from entering this summer. Photo credit: Maurice Campbell
Or, 'Giants in wheelchairs roam Scalp area of South Dublin', as reader Graham O'Neill translates it. Email your funny sign snaps to
So polite! Spotted on a woodland walk at Carton House, Co. Kildare.
Funny cute. Submitted to by reader Thomas O'Sullivan.
We can feel the frustration. Spotted by reader Thomas O'Sullivan, who submitted his photo to
If you get this close to the edge, your fate is in your hands. Taken at the Cliffs of Moher back in 2009, and submitted to by Indiana-based reader, Judith Wood.
Wait, what? Tommie Lehane sent us this Co. Mayo cracker via Twitter.
Spotted on the Wexford quays by Robert Noone.
The gods of grammar are weeping. "This is a personal favourite, spotted in Kilbride, Co. Meath," says reader Niamh Kellett, who sent her pic via Twitter.
"Just can't figure out why this piece of real estate hasn't been snatched up yet!" says Anne Brown of this photo, snapped in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

A great sign doesn't just provide information or direction. It brightens up your day in the most unexpected ways... and we asked you to submit your favourites.

Our search was prompted by the release of a book from Lonely Planet - 'Ultimate Signspotting', by travel writer Doug Lansky, which features funny signs from around the world.

"Seeing a funny sign in ‘in the wild’ is a bit like seeing a rainbow," as Lansky put it.

It got us thinking. Lonely Planet's signs - for all their Lost in Translation LOLs - are well and good. But a good Irish sign brings a whole new level of absurdity to the mix.

So we asked readers to email their funny Irish sign photos to, or tweet us at @indo_travel_ for a chance to make the gallery.

Frankly, we could never have expected the avalanche of sheer signposting genius that followed. Lonely planet, eat your heart out... or send Mr. Lansky to Ireland!

The full gallery is above. Keep em' coming!

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