Tuesday 20 August 2019

Flip-flops in which to stash your fortune

Step out in safety with the new must-have travel accessory...

Soft flop sandal to stash things in.
Soft flop sandal to stash things in.

Anna Coogan

Nobody should have a problem walking along a white sandy beach in an exotic location. The last thing on your mind should be what to do with your credit card, room key or cash.

Yet hauling a bag around can be a nuisance. SlotFlop sandals are flip-flops with a storage compartment in the sole which is large enough to carry must-have essentials such as a credit card, a driving licence or money.

The secret component also provides a natural arch support which makes SlotFlop sandals extremely comfortable.

The sandals mean you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on your essentials. And they leave you hands-free whenever you’re chilling at a beachfront restaurant or bar.

They cost in the region of €19.


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