Thursday 22 March 2018

First Look: Ryanair's new TV ad is an absolute cheese-fest

Ryanair's new TV ad, 'History', compares travel with the airline in 1985 and 2015.
Ryanair's new TV ad, 'History', compares travel with the airline in 1985 and 2015.
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

Ryanair is set to celebrate its 30th birthday with a "cheesy" TV ad comparing air travel in 1985 and 2015.

The ad comes as the airline prepares to launch a new customer communications campaign in Europe this weekend.

Titled 'History', it features spilt-screens comparing aircraft, passengers and technology advances in the 30 years since Ryanair first came into existence.

You can view it for the first time here:

"The ad is a somewhat cheesy look back at travel with Ryanair in 1985 compared to 2015," says Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs.

Set to air this weekend in the UK and Ireland, it forms part of a multimedia campaign designed to raise awareness of Ryanair's 30th birthday and its 'Always Getting Better' campaign of customer service improvements.

The campaign will also feature social elements, digital and radio advertising, outdoor advertising on London taxis and Dublin buses and on the new Ryanair blog.

A second ad, called ‘Testimonial', takes a more traditional approach - featuring real Ryanair customers talking about their experience of changes the airline has made in the past 18 months - including allocated seating, mobile boarding passes and the second carry on bag.

You can watch it here:

Both ads were shot at London Stansted Airport, and were produced by Dare, while Mediacom and PHD are the advertising agencies involved.

The campaign will run for six weeks to the end of May.

For old times' sake, here's a 1991 ad for the airline... complete with matronly mid-length skirts and a tantalising view of 'Business Class'.

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