Saturday 24 February 2018

Fictional Grand Budapest Hotel gets real TripAdvisor reviews...

The fictional hotel, which starred in Wes Anderson's movie of the same name, is a big hit with 'guests'.

Madcap: Agatha (Saoirse Ronan) and Zero (Tony Revolori) play at puppy love in Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel
A scene from Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel doesn't exist. Neither does the Republic of Zubrowka. But that hasn't stopped users from posting TripAdvisor reviews of their stay.

"This hotel was the highlight of our trip to Zubrowka," says Radit M.

"When we landed, we were already greeted by two staffs at the airport and escort us straight to pick up our baggage without having to queue and stamp the passport [sic]."

Radit M is a TripAdvisor user from Surabaya in Indonesia. He has posted several reviews on the site, and most recentlty, rated his stay at The Grand Hotel Budapest as "excellent".

Save for one downside...

"A chaotic gunfight between the concierge and some crazy mafias occured right in-front of our suite before check-out time. No explanation from the management, but some local newspapers mentioned the incident as "a tragedy caused by Zubrowka's political uncertainty".

Of course, Zubrowka doesn't exist.

Neither does The Grand Budapest Hotel. Well - not this one, at least.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is both the title and principle setting for American auteur Wes Anderson's latest offbeat movie. The movie, which was recently released on DVD and features Saoirse Ronan among its all-star cast, was well-reviewed.

But the TripAdvisor reviews have been even better.


Users from all over the world have been joining the fun, casting themselves as imaginary guests at a grand dame hotel embodying the best of, erm... Zubrowkan hospitality.

"I realised that this was an extraordinary establishment at first gaze," writes Chris2k from Malaysia.

"It was the kind of place which was dignified without being pompous, charming without being overbearing, sweet yet not cloying. Everything was just right."

But not all reviews have been five-star. Several rank their experience as 'terrible'.


TripAdvisor itself even appears to be having fun, posting an advisory box to the top right of the page that alerts users to the fact that the hotel - and its location - is non-existent.

"Have fun reading these reviews - go on, add your own! Just don't try to book a visit here, because this fictional place doesn't really exist."

A similar disclaimer can be seen on reviews for Schrute Farms, Honesdale, Pensylvania.

Schrute Farms.jpg

1,083 reviewers and counting have written about their experiences at the fictional hotel - as seen on NBC's The Office - including Peter Z from Newton, Massachusetts.

"Overall, this is an ideal location for the disciplined Teutonic traveler looking to make sure everything is working correctly," he reports.

Although its reviews are 80% positive, however, it cannot match The Grand Budapest Hotel.

It ranks No.1 of one hotel in Zubrowka.

Read the fictional TripAdvisor reviews here.

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