Sunday 25 March 2018

Couple's in-flight break-up live-tweeted to thousands

Social soap opera

Keegs live tweeted the break-up on her flight. Photo: @keegs/141/Twitter
Keegs live tweeted the break-up on her flight. Photo: @keegs/141/Twitter

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If you're planning on breaking-up anytime soon, don't do it on a plane. Or within earshot of anyone on social.

That's the takeaway from New Yorker Kelly Keeg, who live tweeted details of a couple's break up during their delayed flight last night.

As their plane waited on the tarmac in Raleigh, North Carolina, Keegs passed the time by live-tweeting the event to a growing number of followers.

The social soap opera snowballed from there.

At one point, #PlaneBreakUp was trending on Twitter, with the twists and turns ('What the f***? Now they're making out...') retweeted in their hundreds.

Needless to say, today the story has gone viral, reported as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.

At times it all got a bit tragic... not that stopped the stream of tweets.

Online Editors

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